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orion's gift

By anneli purchase

When Kevin and Sylvia, both on the run from abusive relationships, meet and fall in love, two things stand in the way of their happiness. One - the secrets they keep from each other. Two - their abusers hunting them down. Will fear drive them apart or will passion and trust surmount the violence and hostility they have endured? The exotic landscape of Mexico's Baja Peninsula provides the backdrop for this story of romance and treachery.

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weeds in the wilderness:  gROWING UP IN RURAL OKLAHOMA

By tom sherrill

A family of five moves from the big city to a small Oklahoma farming community in 1947. Tom, the youngest of three children, tells it like it was. He and his two siblings are left to fend for themselves while their parents scrape to bring the little town of Owasso into the twentieth century. This true postwar American story is told with humor, candor, and warmth. The freedom and thrill-seeking experienced by young Tom in the 1950s will be familiar to those who grew up in this era, while anyone reading his story will discover an engaging piece of American history.

The wind weeps

 By anneli purchase

Andrea leaves big-city boredom in Ontario to search for love and adventure on B.C.'s rugged coast. As she seeks independence and romance, the love of two men and a woman leads her into the world of commercial fishing. She is drawn into a rough life alternating between savage beauty and serenity. But when adventure turns to terror, and Andrea's survival is threatened, will her newly acquired wilderness skills be enough to save her life? This is a pure Canadian tale of love, betrayal, and triumph, told with gusto, humour, and bold insight.

fate no friend of mine

By stan witt

Fourteen-year-old Rome Kaiser and his younger brother Arden Lane escape an abusive father and flee to a mountain hiding place above north Tucson in 1924. Protagonist Rome struggles to reconcile his personal responsibility with a belief in a predestined fate as he acts out of a self-created "code of honor," even when it means breaking the law. Colorful dialogue, entangling romance, and revelation of Rome's inner world keep us laughing at his folly, suffering his despair, and castigating his judgment as we are captivated by this controversial character.

julia's violinist

By anneli purchase

The lovely Julia has it all - a seemingly perfect life in Sudetenland, the border area of Germany and Czechoslovakia. The aftermath of World War II changes all that. Widowed and homeless, Julia and her two small children become refugees in their own land. As she tries to rebuild her life, Julia is drawn into a love triangle. New flames or old flames - both can burn and destroy.