Dance When the brain says no

"This heartrending memoir humanizes an experience that most choose never to understand. Anyone who has faced catastrophic illness ill empathize with this family and find comfort in the realization that our struggles are universal."

Kayron Warren, CEO, Charles Warren Brain Tumor Awareness Foundation Website

"Dance When the Brain Says No captures what so many of us are afraid to accept and understand ... cancer can affect anyone at any time. We, the ones not affected, must not let our friends, loved ones, even people we meet in our daily lives go through this alone."

Renee' L. Verhoff, CEO, Foundation for Children with Cancer Website

“A well-written and powerful account of lives of those affected by brain cancer.  All  families living through or having lived through this will be able to identify or take something from this work."

Paul Carbury, CEO, Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust Website, UK

“The human spirit has an undeniable tendency to tell cancer to shove it. "Dance When the Brain Says No" is the memoir of a mother who reflects on her daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis, her determination to live her life in spite of the disease, and the inspiration her tenacity brought to bear. "Dance When the Brain Says No" will be of interest to anyone seeking inspirational cancer memoirs.”

James A. Cox, Editor, The Midwest Review

"Books of this type can have a useful purpose in so far as they provide a window into how other people cope when faced with the threatened loss of a loved one. It is an intensely sad but rewarding book by a mother whose vivacious and strong-willed daughter developed a medulloblastoma brain tumour when she was 18 and died from it two and half years later. It is based around writings (letters, notes, and poems) by the daughter, Leslie Doyle, and a narrative by her mother Kathleen."

Denis Strangman, Brain Tumor Alliance Website


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