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Forest Dale Publishing is owned and solely operated by Kathleen Price. She originally formed  the company in 2009 in order to publish her first book, Dance When the Brain Says No. She is currently working on a second book about her own life and the people and ideas that have most shaped her thinking. She continues to use her skills and experience supporting other writers in realizing their own publishing goals.

Dance When the brain says no

Dance When the Brain Says No is a poignant memoir about the life of a young woman, Leslie Doyle, and her battle with brain cancer. The heart and soul of this story are found in Leslie's own words expressed in poetry, journal entries, and letters. We learn firsthand how she faces the terror of a disease that threatens to destroy the very essence of who she is. How Leslie, her family, and friends respond to her illness provides a revealing look into our human response to fear and the potential we have for extraordinary courage. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites in print and e-book forms.

by kathleen price


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